Auckland Aero Club

Since our establishment more than 80 years ago, the Auckland Aero Club has maintained a record of training pilots to the very highest standard. We are firmly committed to the promotion of the joys of flying in an environment which is safe, professional, and offers the chance for all of us who share a passion for aviation to enjoy a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. We seek to build piloting skills by encouraging participation in the many different flying experiences and training opportunities we offer, which beyond the standard private and commercial pilot syllabuses also include activities such as aerobatics, competition flying and club trips to a wide variety of destinations. Whatever your goals in aviation are, and regardless of whether they are geared towards recreational or commercial flying, we will endeavour to both meet and exceed all expectations.

Our Facilities

The clubrooms are centrally located on the airfield with a great view of the runway. There is a lounge area, cafe and bar located within the building. With a relaxed atmosphere you will enjoy spending time chatting with other pilots. It also offers an ideal place to plan your next flight. The premises are air-conditioned which makes for a comfortable environment all year round. Its a great place to bring family and friends, with an amazing view you can enjoy a meal and coffee or even a beer or wine while viewing the action in the air and on the ground. The Auckland Aero Club has a diverse membership, with Warbirds pilots, aerobatic champions, and airline pilots frequently visiting the Clubrooms. Our dedicated lecture room is located away from the noise of the runway and is ideal for lectures and quiet study.

Online Bookings

The link below will take you to the club's online booking area. A username and password are required to log in.

Learn To Fly

Introductory Flight

The Auckland Aero Club offers you the opportunity to experience the thrill and excitement of flying an aircraft for the first time. Imagine, the chance to fly an aircraft, with the assistance of a qualified flight instructor by your side. It is all possible with the Auckland Aero Club. And it only costs $179 in a 2-seater or $209 in a 4-seater. Before the flight the instructor will teach you the basics of how the aircraft flies, then you will go up for a twenty minute flight where you get to fly the aircraft!

Getting Airborne C162 $520 - C172 $605

This package is the ideal gift for friends and family. You can also use it as a starter towards your PPL flight training. It includes your first two flying lessons, associated pre-flight briefings and landing fees

Flying Start C162 $1,040 - C172 $1210

A popular package among students and includes your first four flying lessons, associated pre-flight briefings and landing fees

Flying First Class C162 - $4,290 - C172 $4980

Ideal for the aspiring pilot to progress to their first solo. The pack includes fifteen hours dual flight training, associated pre-flight briefings, landing fees and logbook.